COVID-19 Update


The COVID19 pandemic has been disastrous for the dance competition and studio industry. We are sympathetic to all of those who have suffered loss of any kind as a result.

At Dream to Dance we love to provide our clients with an unmatched dance competition experience that is professional, positive, inspiring and most of all, fun. In doing so we want to earn your trust, earn your respect (and your adoration!). We do this because we love to do it. We work hard through the year with the anticipation of putting on a great event. We do our best to build positive relationships with our directors and aim to be light-hearted, open and honest in all of our communications, despite the circumstances. This pandemic has reinforced for us the importance of standing together, supporting on another and being empathetic to the unique situation for each studio.

On May 29, 2020 we advised our competition directors through email that the zombies had won: we were not going to be able to have a 2020 season, which was to be our 5th season. We provided a 3 step process for next steps and provided options for them to select based on what they felt was most appropriate for their studio and their team.

In the interim we have communicated regularly with our studio directors and begin processing their selected option. We have also fielded a number inquiries from dance parents and who are trying to navigate the myriad misinformation and vitriol that is swirling out there right now. Frankly, it saddens us that things have degraded to this point. While we make ourselves accessible to all of our competition guests, we feel that it is important to articulate our communication protocols with anything operational regarding our competition.

Under no circumstances will we discuss financial matters with anyone other than an official representative of our client (the dance studio). It is important we respect the chain of relationship. We feel it would be unprofessional of us to undermine the client/vendor relationship a parent has with the studio, let alone to compromise our client relationship with the studio directors, by speaking out of turn in this regard. While we know parents may bee seeking deeper clarification we trust you can understand the predicament we find ourselves in at this stage.

Please trust that your studio director has you team's best interest at heart.

For clarity, the following is an excerpt from the message sent to studio directors: ... We will make sure you are whole at the end of this. So, here are your next steps:

  • Step 1: curse the zombies for their insolence. They just are not understanding that we wanna dance!?!
  • Step 2: review your options below
    • Option 1: Our preference would be to provide a credit for an event next year. We appreciate this may not necessarily work for everyone, but thank you for supporting us through these challenging times.
    • Option 2: We credit you a % (your choice) for next year, and refund the balance. This would address any graduating dancers, etc.
    • Option 3: We refund to you, less a credit for the deposit for next year. The Deposit amount would be calculated based on your entries from this year. That secures your spot for 2021.
    • Option 4: We refund you in full.
  • Step 3: please advise us of your preferred option
    [online form to complete] to help us process things quickly
    Note: In any of the options where a credit is offered, in the event you cannot attend an event next year we would refund the balance in December, 2020.

Thank you to everyone who has sent us positive messages and have been more than supportive and understanding during this challenging time. We truly love what we do and are looking forward to putting 2020 behind us and focusing on pulling together a fabulous 2021 season (our 5th season, part deux).

Mary, Graeme, Braden and the rest of the Dream to Dance family.